Telkom Indonesia and Google agree cloud deal at G20 summit

Telkom Indonesia and Google agree cloud deal at G20 summit

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Google Cloud and Telkom Indonesia are to work together on a project to develop Indonesia’s digital economy, dubbed Indonesia Digital 2024.

The two signed a multi-year strategic collaboration on the sidelines of the G20 summit now taking place on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Google Cloud’s Megawaty Khie (pictured), country director for Indonesia, said: “It’s imperative that we invest in digital capabilities to reinforce our goal of recovering together and recovering stronger from the impact of the global pandemic, and create an inclusive and sustainable foundation for growth.”

Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid, Telkom Indonesia’s director of digital business, said: “We’re collaborating with strategic partners to help us fulfil this national mandate. Google was chosen for its rich experience in building trusted platforms and ecosystems worldwide.”

Telkom said it aims to play an integral role in advancing the Indonesia Digital 2024 roadmap and helping organisations to seize inclusive growth opportunities in a digital economy that it said would be worth US$130 billion by 2025.

“At Telkom, we have a responsibility to build sustainable, intelligent digital infrastructure and platforms that are accessible to all and contribute to nation building – while facilitating digitalisation across industries,” said Rasyid.

“Our partnership – which will leverage both organisations’ key advantages – will amplify our ability to create a leading digital ecosystem with the right talent and solutions to deliver value to society, and establish Indonesia as one of the world’s most competitive economies.”

Indonesia, with 275 million people, is the world’s fourth-most populous country, behind China, India and the US.

Khie said: “Together with Telkom, we aim to nurture a skilled talent pool that is proficient in using cloud and connectivity technologies to create best-in-class solutions. These will be the digital enablers for transforming every industry, whether it’s to deliver citizen-centric public services and equitable health systems, or drive financial inclusion and manufacturing production efficiency.”

Google Cloud and Telkomsigma, Telkom’s ICT managed services arm, will partner to accelerate digitalization in high priority sectors under the Indonesia Digital 2024 roadmap.

Telkom and Google Cloud will establish a cloud centre of excellence consisting of cloud architecture, edge computing, data management, and application modernization specialists.

The collaboration also aims to empower Indonesian start-ups to build and scale globally. Telkom’s venture capital subsidiaries will work with Google to help connect funded start-ups with greater technical, business, and financial support.

Google said the CCoE will integrate Google Cloud’s scalable, secure, and carbon neutral cloud infrastructure, and advanced analytics and artificial intelligence tools with Telkom’s extensive network and connectivity infrastructure to enhance the delivery of high-quality digital services to local consumers in metro and non-metro areas, as well as the enterprise market segment.


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