T-Mobile introduces ‘Ultra Capacity’ 5G on SA network

T-Mobile introduces ‘Ultra Capacity’ 5G on SA network

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T-Mobile has expanded its nationwide 5G standalone (SA) network in the US, allowing it to advance applications and better support dynamic use cases such as network slicing and private wireless.

The move allows T-Mobile to open up possibilities for 5G carrier aggregation, meaning it can combine different layers of 5G spectrum together for greater speed and capacity.

“5G is making a meaningful impact today – changing the way people use their smartphones, bringing choice and competition to home broadband, improving disaster response and so much more … but we’re only scratching the surface on what 5G can do,” said Neville Ray [pictured], President of Technology at T-Mobile.

“Transformative 5G networks are here, and T-Mobile is leading the charge with not just the largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network, but the most advanced as well.

“We’re driving the industry forward with 5G standalone and delivering a level of performance for customers that can’t be achieved otherwise.”

T-Mobile launched its 5G SA network in 2020, using 600MHz spectrum and now delivers its 5G network to 321 million people across 1.9 million square miles.

The operator is keen to stress that this places it above its fiercest rivals AT&T and Verizon combined.

T-Mobile adds that 250 million people are covered by its superfast Ultra Capacity 5G and the company plans to reach 300 million people next year.

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