APAC brimming with data centre potential, report says

APAC brimming with data centre potential, report says


The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is viewed as an area of ample potential, and investment groups are actively pursuing ways to establish a foothold in the region’s data centre industry, a report from datacenterHawk indicates.

In its Q3 2022 Data Center Market Recap, datacenterHawk analysed ongoing market trends and challenges across several regions worldwide.

“The trends we observed in 2Q 2022 have continued to unfold, paving the way for interest and operations in some new markets. While demand remains high across the industry, we’re seeing some larger data centre markets across the world facing unique challenges to deliver the power needed to accommodate these requirements,” said David Liggitt, datacenterHawk’s president.

“As we reach the end of 2022 and move into 2023, how data centre users, operators, and other stakeholders across industry tackle these challenges will be worth paying attention to.”

In 2022, over 10 major data centre investments and funding events have occurred in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney, not including major acquisitions of portfolios and properties by data centre providers.

Australia, in particular, has continued to emerge as an area with immense opportunity as the government’s pro-data centre stance has attracted development across the country, anchored by escalated demand in Sydney.

With the limited supply of these traditionally popular markets, activity is also high in the rest of APAC, with major funding taking place for projects in Japan, South Korea and other emerging markets.

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