Lumen Technologies launches edge computing solution for APAC

Lumen Technologies launches edge computing solution for APAC

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Lumen Technologies has launched its Edge Bare Metal services for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market.

The move is part of the company’s continued investment in its edge infrastructure and suite of services for the region, supporting enterprise innovations and data-intensive applications for the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Lumen Edge Bare Metal offers dedicated, pay-as-you-go server hardware hosted in distributed locations, connected to Lumen’s global fibre network.

The firm says it delivers “exceptional” application performance from running on edge nodes designed for 5 milliseconds or less latency over the Lumen fibre network.

"We are excited to bring our edge computing solutions to the fast-growing APAC market. So much here is leading-edge,” said Francis Thangasamy, managing director, Lumen Technologies APAC.

“The region has a strong presence of enterprise customers using blockchain technologies to drive innovation. APAC customers across key industries such as retail, manufacturing and financial services can now deploy applications and workloads that demand ultra-low latency at the edge.

“Our Lumen services deliver efficient and reliable operations that can keep this momentum going.”

The service will leverage edge locations in Japan and Singapore, as well as Lumen’s highly connected network in APAC.

The Edge Bare Metal service’s first deployment in APAC took place in Singapore and Japan, namely for a global blockchain non-profit organisation.

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