Colovore plans 9MW liquid-cooled AI data centre in Santa Clara

Colovore plans 9MW liquid-cooled AI data centre in Santa Clara


Colovore, a colocation solutions provider in the Bay Area, has unveiled plans for a second data centre location in Santa Clara.

The new facility is immediately adjacent to its existing data centre at 1101 Space Park Drive and will deliver another 9MW of liquid-cooled, high-density colocation capacity featuring standard 50 kW per rack capacities for customers deploying AI, machine learning and big data applications and servers.

“When we opened our doors in 2013, touting 20 kW per cabinet in our Phase 1, many thought ‘power density’ wasn’t a big issue at the time,” said Sean Holzknecht, president and co-founder of Colovore.

“We now support thousands of AI and GPU systems for Fortune 500 companies down to Silicon Valley start-ups, in hundreds of cabinets each drawing 15 – 50 kW per cab. The bottom line is that this data, and all these incredible AI and Big Data platforms, are really thirsty. The AI revolution is here and simply put, these servers demand purpose-built, liquid-cooled, high-density colocation environments and we look forward to continuing to deliver these innovative solutions to our customers.”

In line with Colovore's other facilities the new site was designed to deliver the highest cabinet power densities, with every cabinet featuring liquid cooling. Specifically, the newest facility will feature

50 KW of standard power per cabinet that is customizable up to 250 kW per cabinet for direct liquid cooling deployments.

It will also boast robust liquid cooling via rear door heat exchangers and direct liquid cooling connections, a colocation PUE of 1.1, flexible and scalable deployment options with a minimum commitments of only 10 kW per cabinet but built-in scalability to 50 kW in the same cabinet, customisable private environments for commitments greater than 1 MW, and data centre floor loading of 3,000 pounds+ per cabinet.

“Companies of all sizes and across all industry verticals continue to deploy more and more compute-intensive servers and they want to optimise those deployments and IT footprints,” said Colovore co-founder Ben Coughlin.

“Our high-density data centres allow customers to pack their racks full from top-to-bottom due to the robust power and cooling infrastructure we deliver. This reduces the total amount of space required, resulting in far lower monthly operating costs and capex, while significantly increasing IT operating efficiency and scalability. What customer wants to be forced to lease and pay for a 5,000 square foot office if all it really needs is 1,000 square feet?”

The first phase of the build is due to complete by Q1 2024.