Persistent launches cyber recovery solution with Google Cloud

Persistent launches cyber recovery solution with Google Cloud

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Global digital engineering provider Persistent Systems has announced the launch of a new solution that allows organisations to recover quicker from cyberattacks with Google Cloud.

The Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery (PiCR) offers a scalable cyber recovery approach, allowing organisations to reduce data loss and minimise the negative impact to brand reputation from prolonged downtime.

The solution is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Nitha Puthran, Senior Vice President – Cloud, Infrastructure and Security, Persistent:

"The digital environment today is constantly evolving and so are the risks associated with it.

“We are leveraging our strong relationship with Google Cloud and our product engineering expertise to create an industry-leading solution that allows enterprises to recover faster from cyber-attacks, thereby reducing the impact on their business.

The increasing frequency and scale of ransomware attacks make recovery from them more challenging for businesses.

It is therefore crucial for organisations to not only focus on protection against cyberattacks but also strengthen recovery from the process.

Persistent says that traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions are not designed for recovery from cyberattacks.

Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery, though, includes tailored recovery plans for finding and remediating malware and the optional managed services to administer the recovery process.

The solution integrates with Google Cloud to provide a secure recovery environment and Google Cloud Backup and disaster recovery for protecting the server images.

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