A1 Telekom Austria steps up activity on cybersecurity

A1 Telekom Austria steps up activity on cybersecurity

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Eastern European carrier A1 Telekom Austria is closing October – which was international cyber security month – by admitting there were 28 million attacks in August alone in numerous group countries.

The company, which operates in Austria, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, is warning that end users “are exposed to various cyber threats in their private online activities, including fake news sites, fake dating apps, gaming platforms, and many more”.

The company says that Whalebone, a start-up based at the A1 Start Up Campus in Vienna since 2017, is intensifying its partnership with A1, as part of A1 Net Protect.

Richard Malovič (pictured), CEO of Whalebone, said: “A1 Net Protect is a game-changing solution with ground-breaking results. It allows everyday internet users to stay safe no matter what kind of devices and apps they use.”

He said: “The record high number of 28,338,483 detected threats to end-users of multiple A1’s companies in the CEE [central and eastern Europe] region last August reflects the growing popularity of the service and the vital role it plays in protecting end-users.”

Alejandro Plater, COO of A1 Telekom Austria Group, said: “Cybersecurity is a mainstay of successful digital transformation and has a corresponding status throughout the A1 Group.”

Whalebone says it primarily focuses on DNS resolution at the network level and identity theft protection and is aimed at securing home gadgets, such as smart thermostats or cameras.

Plater said: “To provide our customers with the best possible protection against cyberattacks and other virtual threats, we offer countless products and services and regularly draw attention to the dangers. As a leading provider in the CEE region, we naturally have the advantage of being able to support processes in defence with the corresponding sophisticated technologies.”

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