TIM to drive smart cities with Italian challenge

TIM to drive smart cities with Italian challenge

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TIM is wanting to stimulate innovative solutions for smart cities by running a competition to identify the best solutions for the cities of the future.

The Smart City Challenge is open to projects in big data and artificial intelligence (AI), video analytics, smart transport and traffic, waste management including smart bins, smart energy and smart buildings.

The deadline for entries is 31 December 2022, and TIM and its partners hope to select proposals in January and February 2023.

TIM – the former Telecom Italia – is working on the challenge with Italy’s Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche (National Research Council, CNR), the innovation centre at the Intesa Sanpaolo bank, the Bikeconomy Observatory and the Startup Intelligence Observatory of Milan Polytechnic.

We want to “speed up the transformation of Italian cities into smart cities, pooling expertise, experience and technologies with important companies in the sector”, said TIM. The challenge is “aimed at start-ups, scale-ups and companies of any size, both domestic and international, to identify innovative solutions for smart cities”.

TIM says: “To encourage the best solutions to enter the market, TIM will offer partners and innovative companies TIM Urban Genius, the ‘urban intelligence’ platform of TIM Enterprise, an open system that acts as an enabler and encourages integration of the vertical services of third parties with a view to Open Innovation.”

It aims at a virtual control room “equipped with the best digital technologies creates a sustainable smart city model already successfully adopted by various municipalities, including Venice, for instance, with its Smart Control Room project”.

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