Asia Connect Cable to add link to Philippines with PLDT

Asia Connect Cable to add link to Philippines with PLDT

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Inligo Networks’ Asia Connect Cable (ACC-1) is to add a branch into the Philippines, working with PLDT, the company has announced.

ACC-1 will connect Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and the US west coast, and now will have a landing station at the southern Philippines city of Davao, thanks to a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with PLDT (pictured).

Simon Zettl, Inligo’s commercial director and chief revenue officer, said: “The Philippines is a significant growth market in terms of data consumption, creation and distribution, and having a mature and dynamic partner such as PLDT to assist us in supporting this growth is a partnership we are confident will bring long-term mutual benefits to our organisations.”

ACC-1, with 16 fibre pairs and a 256Tb design capacity, will also land at Singapore, Batam, Jakarta, Makassar, Dili, Darwin, Manado, Guam and Los Angeles.

Jojo Gendrano, head of PLDT’s enterprise and international business group said: “We are pleased to have this MoU with Inligo as they add a branching connection from the ACC-1 into Davao, because it is aligned with PLDT’s mission to make the Philippines the next hyperscaler destination of Asia-Pacific.”

Gendrano said ACC-1 “will be directly connected to PLDT’s robust domestic fibre optic cable facility and network of data centres across the country”.

In an interview with Capacity earlier this year, Brian Evans, executive chairman of Inligo said ACC-1 will land in Darwin, on Australia’s northern coast, and will be connected to the rest of the country via a terrestrial cable called Unite, that will run to the southern city of Adelaide.

Darwin is 500km to Timor-Leste, also known as East Timor, where ACC-1 will be the first subsea cable. It is also 1,700km to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea; 2,700km to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia; and 3,400km from Singapore. “There are 500 million people within 50 milliseconds of Darwin,” Evans said in that interview.

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