AirTrunk paves way for net-zero emissions by 2030

AirTrunk paves way for net-zero emissions by 2030

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AirTrunk has announced its commitment to Net Zero emissions by 2030, exceeding the objective set out in the Paris Agreement to limit global warming by 2050.

The approach is described by AirTrunk as “industry-leading” and involves reporting emissions that has been developed specifically for hyperscale data centre environments.

The data centre specialist says it recognises it must take a stewardship role for the electricity consumed in its data centres and will report any emissions that are not managed by customers, under Scope 2.

AirTrunk Founder and CEO, Robin Khuda, said: “The climate crisis is one of the most important global challenges of our generation. By taking immediate action to reduce our emissions, we are making an important commitment to our employees, investors, customers, partners and communities, for generations to come.

“As the pioneer of hyperscale data centres in the region, we are also pioneering a global standard for managing Net Zero emissions in hyperscale data centre environments.

“It is based on transparency, accountability and customer collaboration, and balances climate ambition with emissions ownership.”

The company will allow customers to take ownership and responsibility for their electricity consumption within AirTrunk data centres and manage the associated emissions under their own reduction targets.

“It remains our goal to set the industry standard in sustainability across the Asia Pacific and Japan region, and our Net Zero approach puts us in a position to pave the way in data centre emissions reporting,” added Damien Spillane, chief technology officer, AirTrunk.

“The approach leverages the strategies and competencies of our customers while enabling interoperable carbon ledgers and ensuring zero double-counting.”

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