Wholesale competition for Danish city after broadband contract ends

Wholesale competition for Danish city after broadband contract ends

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Residents of Aarhus, Denmark’s second biggest city, are about to have their broadband provider switched, after the network ended its contract with Stofa after 44 years.

The local cable network, Antenneforeningen Aarhus (AFAA), is offering services from its own subsidiary, Vios, or from a separate provider, Fastspeed, in place of Stofa’s operation.

Michael Jakobsen, CEO of Vios, said: “We are happy and proud to now be able to offer Fastspeed to our members. The collaboration means that members can choose freely between Vios’s and Fastspeed’s products.”

The previous provider, which loses its contract at the end of November, is owned by Norlys, a cooperative which is owned by 800,000 electricity customers in the Jutland region. Norlys – Danish for northern lights – in January connected to Danish open access wholesale platform OpenNet.

Jakobsen said: “The mission of Vios is to ensure the best selection of services and products at competitive prices. It is the members’ needs that are in focus. With Fastspeed, we have gained a strong business partner that is known and recognized for its high customer satisfaction.”

Aarhus (pictured), is in east Jutland, with an urban population of 285,000.

Vios is a newcomer to the business, having been launched by AFAA in September “to provide good internet, streaming and TV solutions at better prices for members in Aarhus and the surrounding area”, said the organisation.

According to Digital TV Europe, Lise Bering, commercial director at Stofa, said they regretted the end of the long relationship with Aarhus.

“We have done everything to ensure that customers are not affected by AFAA’s takeover of the network. AFAA has not wanted to allow us to continue as one of several providers for broadband, and therefore customers are now put in a situation where they risk being left without TV and internet from 1 December,” she said.

But the association said the new partnership “is the first step towards securing even better options for the people of Aarhus on the internet and TV market”.

Jens Raith, CEO of Fastspeed, said: “There will now be a real freedom of choice for the many Aarhusians who have so far in practice been locked to their previous broadband and TV provider. At the same time, we are proud that Vios has chosen to enter into a close collaboration with us, and we have made the price super sharp, compared to what can be offered via other networks around the country.”

Fastspeed already provides broadband to other networks in Denmark, including TDC Net, EWII Fiber, Norlys, Nord Energi, Thy-Mors, Onefiber, Fibia, Energi Fyn, Aura and RAH Fiber.

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