Iceblue published price book for global internet access

Iceblue published price book for global internet access

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Iceblue Internet, an internet aggregator formerly called Blue Planet Networks, has published its publicly accessible, global internet access price book at Capacity Europe.

The UK-based company says it brings the services of over 1,100 internet service providers to its customers in the form of a “platform for the pricing, provision and support of internet access circuits”.

The new price book lists thousands of destinations from Antigua and Barbuda to Zimbabwe in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

“Access to the Iceblue price book is available, at no charge, to business professionals who have registered their email address on the Iceblue landing page,” said the company.

The price book is offered to network connectivity buyers, network managers and telecoms sales teams looking to provide rapid turnaround on internet access pricing for their internal and external customers.

“Anyone looking to obtain current market rate, internet access pricing, instantly, for business sites located anywhere in the world will find the Iceblue price book invaluable,” it added.

“The pricing contained with the price book reflects actual pricing supplied within the last four months by multiple on-net providers in the offered countries. The pricing is updated quarterly and is guaranteed to represent current market rate.”

The book contains pricing for both broadband and dedicated internet access service offerings for a variety of internet access bandwidths covering over 160 countries.

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