Globe Teleservices launches flash call blocking solution

Globe Teleservices launches flash call blocking solution

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Globe Teleservices (GTS) has unveiled its flash call block solution for carriers and enterprises.

According to the company, flash call usage is on the rise particularly for enterprises and MNOs have started experiencing an exponential increase in this activity within their network. This id driven by the ease of this form of authentication, meaning that enterprises are adopting this method as an alternative to A2P messaging.

Getting one-time passwords via flash calls can cause significant revenue losses for mobile network operators (MNOs), therefore a firewall against flash calls is what MNOs need to protect their revenues and network. In response, Globe Teleservices is introducing a 'cutting-edge and technologically advanced' flash call-blocking solution.

Specifically, GTS offers an ISO-certified, intelligent AI/ML-based flash call-blocking solution that intercepts and block unwanted flash calls; predicts, prevents and manages flash calls using a proprietary AI/ML engine; monetises flash calls as an added revenue stream; enables the lowest detection and barring times, and uses advanced Big Data analytics.

Many enterprises adopt flash calls for authentication, and studies indicate that the number of flash calls globally will rise to around 130 billion by 2026. The use of flash calls not only decreases A2P use and revenues but also poses a severe threat to the end consumer by stealing one-time passwords and increases the risk account hijacking, often called identity theft.

In addition, A2P SMS messaging revenues are bypassed by flash calls, resulting in a drop in local and international SMS messaging volumes. Flash calls further deteriorate the network quality of service through unwanted choke-ups.

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