Corning unveils optical fibre manufacturing plant in Poland

Corning unveils optical fibre manufacturing plant in Poland

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Corning Incorporated recently opened a new optical fibre manufacturing facility in Mszczonów, Poland.

The new facility aims to meet growing demand for high-speed connectivity in the European Union and surrounding regions. It is one of the largest optical fibre plants in the European Union and forms one of Corning’s latest in a series of global investments in fibre and cable manufacturing totalling more than $500 million since 2020.

“Corning is expanding its fibre manufacturing operations in Europe, as our customers accelerate investments in future-ready networks,” said Wendell P. Weeks, chairman and chief executive officer at Corning.

“From broadband to 5G to cloud computing, tomorrow’s networks all depend on optical fibre. This facility will ensure we can continue to efficiently serve our customers in Europe and beyond, during a time of record demand. We appreciate the support of state and local officials, and the dedication of our skilled workforce.”

The news comes as network operators in Europe are investing in broadband expansion to bring high-speed connections to more people, this in combination of porjects, along with investments in 5G and cloud data centres, indicate the early stages of growth for networks built on fibre, with virtually unlimited bandwidth.

The new facility adds roughly 250 employees to the company’s workforce of more than 3,000 in Poland and provides Corning with access to talent through the skilled workforce and technical training available in the greater Warsaw area. Corning manufactures optical cable and connectivity components at its campus in Strykow.

"We congratulate Corning on the opening of this advanced manufacturing facility for the fibre that forms the backbone of the Internet," said Józef Kurek, mayor of Mszczonów.

"High-speed connections will come to more people and more communities in Europe thanks to the fibre that Corning will make here in Mszczonow. We are pleased that Corning turned again to this region's talented workforce to bring its innovations to life."

At the same time, Corning is also expanding its manufacturing capacity in the US to meet growing bandwidth demands across North America.

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