Avelia unveils back-up services in France

Avelia unveils back-up services in France

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Avelia, a French telecom operator, confirms the availability of a full 4G/5G unlimited back-up solution positioned between broadband / dedicated internet access (DIA).

Launched in 2003, Avelia delivers voice and data solutions as well as broadband and dedicated Internet access across France through various partners as well as its own fibre network.

January 2022, saw the company acquired by Septeo Group, a player in the French LegalTech and PropTech space, giving the telco the necessary backing and to have more than 2200 km of proprietary fibre.

As leader in retail deployment, Avelia relies on a strong network of partners, specifically, its main services include dedicated internet access (Fiber/SDSL), broadband (FTTH, xDSL) and 4G/5G.

According to the company, its customers have asked for a backup solution for increased diversity of network provisions and new technologies, as a result it "decided to look for a way to provide a true automatic backup solution, using the same public IP address for the primary and secondary link."

Avelia now provides automatic activation of its 4G/5G network in the event of broadband/dedicated Internet access failure, using the same public IP address.

In addition, the long-term commitments of 12, 24 or 36 months so service activation in Paris and Ile de France, now has a minimum 1-month commitment and fast track options of delivery.

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