Colt launches PoP at NJFX bolstering subsea connectivity across the Atlantic

Colt launches PoP at NJFX bolstering subsea connectivity across the Atlantic

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NJFX confirms that Colt Technology Services has added a point of presence (PoP) at the NJFX campus in Wall, New Jersey.

“Since the launch of our intelligent, 400Gbps optimised Colt IQ Network in 2016, we have continued to double down on reach, security and resiliency, and this is another example of how we’re enhancing our digital infrastructure globally," said Robin Farnan, executive vice president of operations & engineering at Colt.

Our collaboration with NJFX gives Colt customers rapid access to critical digital infrastructure and satisfies the diversity and low latency needs of some of the most demanding customers in the financial sector. NJFX has a track record of supporting some of the largest players in international networking and is continually growing its ecosystem. We look forward to growing together and offering ultra-reliable global connectivity.”

The new PoP will give Colt customers on-demand access to redundant subsea cable infrastructure across the Atlantic to Europe and it will enable Colt to offer enhanced options for diverse global solutions through subsea cables landing at NJFX.

“Colt offers our customers new connectivity options to key digital hubs in Europe as well as rapidly developing markets globally. Our collaboration with Colt gives customers increased choice while enhancing the ‘trusted middle mile’ of telecommunications networks,” said Gil Santaliz, CEO at NJFX.

“It is great to see new redundancy to strengthen the quality of service across the Atlantic as we help to maximise uptime and minimise the impact of service disruptions. We’re excited to have Colt’s presence at NJFX and to be working together to deliver the best possible services for customers.”

Specifically, the new PoP at the NJFX campus will give,Colt and its customers access to direct, on-demand interconnection to Havfrue/AEC-2, Seabras-1, TGN1 and TGN2 cable systems, providing diverse connectivity across the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean.

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