Google Cloud announces plans for first cloud region in Norway

Google Cloud announces plans for first cloud region in Norway

Tine Austvoll Jensen Google.jpg

Google Cloud is bringing its first cloud region to Norway to meet growing demand for cloud services locally and around the world.

The new cloud region will help bring innovations from across Google closer to its local customers, said the company.

Google country director Tine Austvoll Jensen (pictured), said: “Bringing a new cloud region to Norway shows Google’s increasing investment and will allow us to partner more deeply with local businesses, to deliver on our unique ability to bring enterprise and consumer ecosystems closer together – across search, YouTube, cloud – to deliver more powerful customer experiences, quickly and securely.”

Country manager Kjell Arne Yttervik said: “The Norway cloud region will deliver high-performance and low-latency services to local organisations which will enable them to maintain the highest security, data residency, and compliance standards.”

The Norway region will be matched by 100% renewable energy annually, said Google, “and in accordance with Google’s global commitment, [it will] aim to operate on 24/7 carbon-free energy by 2030, thus providing local customers with clean, sustainable infrastructure to power their businesses and technology”.

Yttervik added: “We look forward to working with customers to ensure the Norway cloud region fits their unique needs, together creating new opportunities for sustainable innovation and growth.”


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