Airtel Africa to collaborate with ATC on new sites

Airtel Africa to collaborate with ATC on new sites

Airtel Africa

American Tower Corporation (ATC) and Airtel Africa have entered a multi-year, multi-product agreement which will see the two work together on new sites and product development capabilities across Kenya, Niger, Nigeria and Uganda.

Through their combined efforts, the companies say they expect to increase connectivity on the continent, extend digital inclusion to underserved communities and advance their mutual greenhouse gas emissions reduction objectives.

All new site development will comply with ATC Africa’s new green site specifications, which is expected to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

“Over the last several years, ATC Africa has made forward-thinking investments to ensure we achieve tangible reductions in our on-site fossil fuel consumption in Africa,” Marek Busfy, SVP and CEO of ATC Africa stated.

“As we selectively extend the platform services we offer, we are demonstrating our commitment to introduce new and renewable sources of energy to power our sites, which protects the industry, our customers and consumers from ongoing and future volatility in fuel prices.

The strategic partnership is expected to reduce exposure to fuel price volatility for both ATC African and Airtel Africa.

To date, ATC Africa has invested around U$300 million in energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy deployments and energy storage solutions to decrease reliance on fossil fuels.

Segun Ogunsanya, CEO of Airtel Africa added: “The company has once again demonstrated its commitment to creating value for customers and shareholders by subscribing to an environmentally sustainable growth model.

“Airtel Africa’s corporate citizenship requires us to extend coverage to increasingly remote areas – and meeting this obligation is necessary to establishing a sustainable partnership with a like-minded industry player.

“We continue to invest in infrastructure and distribution networks across the countries where we operate to support their economies and communities.

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