Scala to build the largest data centre campus in Chile

Scala to build the largest data centre campus in Chile

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Scala Data Centers has been awarded an environmental license to build the largest data centre campus in Chile.

Located in Lampa, Santiago metropolitan area, the campus will boast 120MW of total capacity delivering an initial of 30MW of capacity. Due to become operational in Q1 of 2024, Scala's new data centre has been developed to serve an unnamed hyperscale client.

In September of this year, the company began construction its first Chilean data centre campus in the municipality of Curauma, Valparaíso area, with a total capacity of 45MW. The first building is due to be completed in March 2023 and has secured a hyperscale anchored tenant.

At the same time, the company has also started the executive project of its third data centre in Santiago, with a total capacity of 80MW, which includes the installation of a FastDeploy building, Scala's proprietary design and construction methodology that reduces deployment time by 50%.

“The construction of a data centre close to the submarine cable arrival site will guarantee unprecedented scale and quality of connectivity between Latin America, Asia and Oceania, massively contributing to enabling the region’s digital infrastructure,” said Marcos Peigo, CEO of Scala.

“And in a scenario in which 5G accelerates the deployment of various services and applications that use high volume of data and require low latency, such as the metaverse, Internet of Things (IoT), telemedicine, autonomous cars, among others, it is something even more expressive.”

Scala's three campuses in Chile will total initial investments of approximately US$400 million delivering a combined capacity of over 200MW. All facilities will use 100% renewable and certified energy with an operational team recruited locally and trained at the company's Training Center in São Paulo, Brazil.

The location of Curauma is in Valparaíso region aligns with where the Humboldt subsea cable will be launched.

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