Solid state memory Vast links with Dremio’s data lakehouse

Solid state memory Vast links with Dremio’s data lakehouse

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Flash storage specialist Vast Data has linked with Dremio to enable enterprises to get from data to insights faster with a hybrid, multi-cloud architecture for scalable analytics.

Vast Data, which specialises in solid-state memory for data centres, says the deal will open up possibilities for the “data lakehouse”, with an open data architecture that combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes on one platform.

Jeff Denworth (pictured), chief marketing officer and co-founder of Vast, said: “Partnering with Dremio ensures that our mutual customers have an optimised and simple out-of-the-box experience as they embrace a cloud-native architecture for their rapidly evolving data management needs.”

He said: “We continue to see high market demand to underpin organisations’ modern data analytics infrastructure with Vast. Partnering with ecosystem leaders like Dremio drives a new approach to data analytics.”

Dremio says its simplified data architecture complements Vast’s all-flash universal storage platform. It describes its platform as an “open lakehouse, that “reduces the time required to fulfil data access requests from weeks or months to just hours, and makes data teams more productive”.

Roger Frey, VP of alliances at Dremio, said: “As data volumes continue to grow, Vast’s disaggregated architecture enables users to easily scale the performance and capacity that businesses demand, and that our open data lakehouse platform delivers.”

Vast and Dremio said they are at the forefront of a market shift away from siloed data warehouses and legacy data platforms such as Hadoop.

“As businesses struggle with the exponential growth of data volumes and data sources, they need a highly-scalable solution for storing that data, and providing broad and concurrent access for a wide range of technical and non-technical data consumers,” they added.



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