du picks HPE for 5G digital transformation

du picks HPE for 5G digital transformation

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du, part of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), is deploying Hewlett Packard Enterprise's (HPE) end-to-end service orchestration software.

The use of these technology will accelerate du's digital transformation and create new revenue streams from their growing 5G network.

Specifically, du is migrating from a legacy system to a next-generation Operations Support System (OSS) to support new services and bolster customer experience. Using HPE solutions will enable du to expand its offerings, improve time to market, and monetise its 5G network investment.

“The right OSS solution is a competitive advantage for us to provide our customers with the seamless digital lifestyle experience they deserve,” said Peter Larnholt, chief information officer at du.

“HPE will deliver a huge leap in our technology capabilities in a very short space of time, giving us a stable and secure architecture that will support our leadership position in 5G. Our new technology estate will cement our reputation as one of the region’s most advanced telcos offering some of the most advanced Edge orchestration and 5G services in the market.”

du’s strategic data factory drives its next-gen OSS with advanced analytics capabilities. Leveraging seamless integration into this existing single data layer and du’s Business Support System (BSS) and new orchestration stack bolstered by HPE’s open standards-based approach and is ready for all 5G network functions.

“HPE OSS and orchestration software has been developed to reduce the risk of deploying 5G networks and help operators like du maximise their return on investment,” said Ahmad AlKhallafi, managing director, UAE, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

“We’re pleased to be supporting du with their next-generation OSS system that will help them seize the opportunity presented by 5G and network slicing and embrace open, cloud-native principles, as well as transforming their fixed line and business services.”

du’s new end-to-end orchestration solution is based on HPE’s orchestration stack, including HPE Service Order Manager and HPE Service Director.

The new stack provides a single orchestration platform enabling traditional fixed voice services, mobile services, SD-WAN services, physical and virtual network function management, mobile edge and 5G slice management.