Proximus and Ericsson create two 5G network slices on a single device

Proximus and Ericsson create two 5G network slices on a single device

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Proximus and Ericsson have achieved a networking first, by creating two different 5G network slices simultaneously on a single device.

The milestone was achieved at Proximus’ 5G Innovation Lab in Brussels, using an Oppo X5 Find Pro device, and enabled by the new 5G standalone (SA) functionality, User Equipment Route Selection Policy, deployed in the Ericsson 5G infrastructure.

"Ericsson is very pleased to work together with Proximus on the 5G Innovation Platform, a partnership that brings together Proximus’ leadership and Ericsson’s global expertise with the aim to realise tangible benefits for Proximus’ customers," said Fabrice Sancho, general manager of Ericsson Belux.

This new functionality creates flexibility for customised services, allowing users to access different applications, each with the appropriate service level and slice defined by the mobile network. It also enables the ability to support both an enterprise work profile and a private user profile on the same device, as well as the ability to address the increasing demands on security tailored solutions.

"Slicing is a cornerstone functionality in the 5G era. Next to our realisations in terms of bandwidth reservation, this collaboration with Ericsson is a new important milestone in our ambition to build the best gigabit network for Belgian and bring next-generation experiences to our customers," said Geert Standaert, network & wholesale lead at Proximus.

For Proximus, the successful tests are lays the foundation for a dedicated handling of business-critical applications in an enterprise environment. The trial aligns with Ericsson's goal of driving innovative solutions for network slicing, by actively working with the device ecosystem and mobile operator community.

In related news, earlier this month, Ericsson partnered Verizon to build a private 5G network in an aircraft hangar on Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam after the former was awarded US$11.5 by the US Department of Defense.

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