Verne Global and Volta partner on European data centre platform

Verne Global and Volta partner on European data centre platform

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Verne Global has confirmed that London-based Volta Data Centres (Volta) will begin marketing and operating under the Verne Global brand.

The news will see Volta deliver a data centre platform that spans Iceland and the UK as part of the Verne Global portfolio. Verne Global’s Northern European data centre platform gives business the flexibility to locate their workloads and applications between the two locations.

“With two complementary, best-in-class data centres, we can now offer enterprises more choice over where to locate their applications. Our experience suggests that less than 10% of workloads need to be in metropolitan areas, the rest can be located anywhere in the world," said Dominic Ward, CEO, Verne Global.

"Yet historically, many organisations place all their applications in one spot, often in locations with severe space and power constraints, or inappropriate cost profiles. We help organisations take a fresh approach, splitting their applications between locations in order to optimise performance, reduce costs, and limit their impact on the environment.”

Verne Global’s data centre campus in Iceland is powered by 100% renewable energy and benefits from year-round free air cooling. In 2023, the campus will comprise 40MW of capacity, out of a possible 100MW on the entire site.

While the Volta London facility London is a data centre hub, that connects to all major network and cloud providers, making it best placed for latency sensitive workloads near London’s business, finance and media hubs.

“This is another great example of driving convergence value across our portfolio. Verne Global’s data centre assets represent some of the cleanest, lowest carbon footprint data centres, globally," added Thor Johnsen, head of Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure plc.

"Volta is one of central London’s best connected data centres with customers that continue to seek low latency access in key centralised locations. We are excited with the long-term opportunities across existing enterprise customers to optimise data centre utilisation across the broader platform, balancing the low latency metro access of Volta with the predictable power costs and sustainability benefits of Verne Global.”

At the same time, a newly expanded Verne Global team will focus on implementing engineering design best practices. James Chenery, the company's sales director - finance, will assume the role of head of London, leading all activities at the London facility.

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