DE-CIX expands to Central and South-Eastern Europe

DE-CIX expands to Central and South-Eastern Europe

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DE-CIX has entered into partnerships with four internet exchange (IX) operators in Central and South-Eastern Europe, extending the reach of them all.

Specifically, DE-CIX has entered into agreements with BIX.BG in Sofia, Bulgaria; NIX.CZ in Prague, Czech Republic; Atman in Warsaw, Poland; and InterLAN-IX in Bucharest, Romania.

Under the terms of the agreement, each IX operator will be able to offer their customers a solution to interconnect their networks and digital resources across the various locations within Europe.

“Enterprises are in search of simplified complete solutions that solve their network platform needs, looking for value, performance, security and geographical distribution. In Europe and beyond, neutrality is key to achieving broad coverage of interconnection services, as is integration, enabling a one-stop-shop approach with global relevance,” said Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX.

“Enterprises and networks of all kinds are beginning to understand that taking control of their interconnection needs by connecting to an IX offers them increased quality and resilience, as well as cost efficiencies. Well-integrated IX partnerships, like those we have entered into with BIX.BG, NIX.CZ, Atman, and InterLAN, are an excellent approach to achieve greater geographical reach and densification to serve the changing connectivity needs.”

The IX BIX.BG has a presence in 10 data centers in Sofia and interconnects a number of domestic, regional, and international Internet-related businesses.

NIX.CZ connects over 200 local and international networks, delivering the exchange of approximately two thirds of all data flow in the Czech Republic, as well as providing interconnection services in Austria and Slovakia.

In Poland Atman specialises in dedicated ICT solutions, including the Thinx Internet Exchange, enabling Atman to provide IaaS and telecoms services.

InterLAN-IX boats fifteen points of presence in nine cities, bringing together more than 200 domestic and foreign peering partners such as network operators, educational networks, content providers and enterprises.

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