32m homes now eligible for fibre in France

32m homes now eligible for fibre in France

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32 million premises in France are now eligible for FTTH offering in France, a new report from ARCEP, the French regulation body has stated.

Around three-quarters of all homes in France are now eligible for fibre, representing an increase of 16% from the previous year.

The report indicates that the deployment and adoption of fibre in the country has stabilised as optical fibre plans now represent 51% of all broadband and superfast broadband subscriptions.

Fibre now represents the majority of broadband and superfast broadband subscriptions in France. Superfast broadband subscription numbers had climbed to 20 million.

Over the course of the second quarter, close to 800,000 premises in lower density public-initiative areas were rendered eligible for fibre access, which is close to what was achieved in Q2 last year.

The pace of FTTH deployment in areas covered by private initiatives continues to slow compared to the previous quarter, with fewer than 250,000 additional premises passed in Q2, 2022, which is a rate comparable to the one observed in 2016.

The government has announced its objective of a fully fibre-filled France by 2025.

The report adds that around 87% of the premises where Orange made a commitment had been made eligible for fibre access.

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