Cinturion partners Grid Telecom for landing of TEAS in Greece

Cinturion partners Grid Telecom for landing of TEAS in Greece


Cinturion has confirmed that its landing partner in Greece for the Trans Europe Asia System (TEAS) is Grid Telecom.

Both companies met on during Submarine Networks World 2022 earlier this week in Singapore, advancing their ongoing cooperation for the recently announced subsea cable system.

Cinturion is building TEAS to deliver advanced data transport solutions between India, the Middle East and Europe. For its part, Grid Telecom, a subsidiary of the Independent Power Transmission Operator of Greece (IPTO) will leverage its open-access fibre network throughout Greece.

Specifically, TEAS customers will benefit from carrier neutral open-access interconnection with edge connectivity and international reach across Europe and onward connectivity beyond.

“Our partnership announcement has raised major interest in the market. The capabilities of Grid Telecom extend the advantages of the TEAS into Greece and Europe, providing high value data connectivity to customers throughout the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and India," said Bill Marra, chief commercial officer at Cinturion.

"The quality and foresight by our Grid Telecom partners ensure secure and innovative technologies to address the rising demand for high quality bandwidth data transport covering a footprint to be unmatched into the foreseeable future.”

TEAS is comprised of two separate paths, connecting India and the Arabian Peninsula with Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, inter-linking Saudi Arabia with primary European destinations. The system employs terrestrial and subsea routes through the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea.

"We are very content as our collaboration with Cinturion for the implementation of the TEAS has resulted in a significant agreement that will render Grid Telecom its landing partner in Greece," added George Psyrris, director of Grid Telecom.

"Grid Telecom currently offers diverse fibre connectivity between the island of Crete and the Greek mainland, in addition to its network infrastructure abroad, leveraging its position as an emerging, open-access hub in the broader BalkanMed region. Our advanced technical capabilities and business knowledge add significant value to our partnership with Cinturion, allowing to extend the reach of TEAS throughout the Middle East and into major new European markets.”

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