Rural Austrian energy company to build backhaul for 6.4Tbps

Rural Austrian energy company to build backhaul for 6.4Tbps

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An Austrian utility and infrastructure company is to build a new high-speed optical network to backhaul traffic from fibre -to-he-home (FTTH) regional nodes to two central sites in Upper Austria.

Nokia has won the contract from the company, Energie AG Oberösterreich, which runs electricity, gas, district heating, water, sewage and telecoms networks in Upper Austria (pictured).

Nokia executive Patrick Langelaan said: “It has become very clear over the past two years that the scaling of fibre-based connectivity virtually everywhere is a key economic factor for any country. Local and regional communications service providers can play an important role in providing this ultra-fast connectivity.”

Energie AG Telekom is already operating a fibre network of more than 7,000km. The access network creates up to 6.4Tbps of aggregated traffic for the optical transport network to carry.

Nokia said the capacity of the new transport network can be scaled to tens of terabits a second, providing Energie AG with plenty of room for growing demand and customer base.

Werner Steinecker, CEO of Energie AG Oberösterreich, said: “By investing in an optical transport network spanning 7,000km across Upper Austria we hope to vastly improve our customers’ experience with high-speed fibre access.”

He said the new backhaul network “will give us the opportunity to grow even further by scaling to our needs as we continue to broaden our customer base”.


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