Vox Solutions partner Jawwal on international A2P SMS

Vox Solutions partner Jawwal on international A2P SMS

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Palestine Cellular Communications (Jawwal) has entered into an agreement with Vox Solutions for direct termination of A2P SMS international traffic to Jawwal's network.

The partnership between Vox Solutions and Jawwal will see the secure delivery of A2P messages for Jawwal's clients as well as international businesses, by controlling the entry and delivery of A2P SMS traffic.

This provides network protection from fraud, leveraging both the Vox team expertise and its VOX-360 platform capabilities. VOX-360 is a platform in that can mitigate Flash Calls as part of its suite of A2P Voice and SMS anti-fraud solutions.

"Banking, travel, transportation, healthcare, and other verticals are increasingly using A2P messages to send notice, authentication, and confirmations to their customers. For both companies and customers, high quality and timely messaging delivery is a must," said Malak Ziadni, marketing director at Jawwal.

"This exclusive partnership with Vox Solutions, to terminate the International A2P traffic in our network, guarantees a reliable, high quality and secure delivery of A2P services for any regional or global brand."

In addition, the VOX-360 platform has features related to antifraud, flash call authentication, A2P SMS monetisation and mobile identity, enabling mobile operators to detect and block spam, as well as fraudulent traffic before they impact end users.

"We are very excited to be the trusted exclusive A2P SMS partner for another leading communication service provider. This is an important milestone in becoming the A2P voice & messaging partner of choice in the Middle East. It also represents a great recognition of Vox Solutions' capability to offer the highest quality and security of international A2P messaging delivery at large-scale," said Ehsan Ahmadi, CEO of Vax Solutions.

"Ultimately, we are here to help mobile operators, such as Jawwal, to optimise the monetisation of their assets and ensure long term revenue growth and innovation, and also to help global brands reach their customers with the best response time, wherever they are."