T-Mobile splashes out $3.5bn on 600MHz spectrum

T-Mobile splashes out $3.5bn on 600MHz spectrum

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T-Mobile has purchased two additional 600MHz spectrum licenses, costing the operator around US$3.5 billion.

The telco announced that it will pay US$1.9 billion to 51 License and US$1.6 billion to LB License for a range of spectrum licensing covering around a third of the US population.

This, it says, will include major markets in Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago.

While T-Mobile did not specify what it would be using the spectrum for, it will almost certainly be used to build out its burgeoning 5G network.

Previously, T-Mobile entered into a leasing agreement for the spectrum during the start of the pandemic as wireless carriers were poised to expand coverage.

Now, though, T-Mobile wants to own and utilize its spectrum.

In April 2019, the operator spent US$7.9 billion in an FCC auction of low-band 600MHz spectrum. It ended up with 31MHz of spectrum, 45% of the total amount that the FCC had up for bids.

T-Mobile continues to participate in FCC auctions as it bids to fill holes in its nationwide 5G network.

It is expected that the carrier will spend around US$4.25 billion on spectrum in 2022.

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