LINX and IXAfrica launch LINX Nairobi


The London Internet Exchange (LINX) and Nairobi-based data centre provider IXAfrica Data Centre, have launched a new interconnection hub in Kenya called LINX Nairobi.

Formed through a strategic partnership between the two, LINX Nairobi will deliver interconnection solutions for global networks in the region.

“We are very much looking forward to bringing LINX to Kenya, our first physical presence in Africa," said Nurani Nimpuno, head of global engagement at LINX.

"LINX Nairobi will be fully supported by our world class engineering team and 24/7 NOC and existing LINX members will also be able to add this new location, once live, using our member portal.”

Due to go live later this year, LINX Nairobi has already secured interest from both national and international networks.

The hub will serve as a point where networks meet and exchnage traffic and also offers access low latency routes to and from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“Africa is undergoing a digital transformation and seeing a tremendous expansion in cloud applications as more businesses go digital, with the hyperscalers realising this potential,” said Niraj Shah, director of sales at IXAfrica.

In related news, IXAfrica has built the reported first hyperscale data centre campus in East Africa which boasts an IT capacity of 22.5MW. The first phase of 4.5MW is near completion with the M&E equipment on order and to be installed, it is due to become ready for service by November 2022.

“The Digital economy is a foundational pillar in Kenya’s vision of building an empowered society. Data centres sit at the core of this digital innovation and the internet is now closer to users," adds Niraj.

"Having LINX at IXAfrica enables our customers to capitalise on the large footprint and realise the benefits of reduced costs, low latency, with lesser bandwidth.”