e& completes first 6GHz in MENA with Huawei

e& completes first 6GHz in MENA with Huawei


e&, better known as Etisalat, has completed its first trial of the 6GHz spectrum in the MENA region in collaboration with Huawei.

The trial marks a “significant step” for the future of 5G, the company said, and demonstrates that the capabilities of 5G depends on mid-band spectrum that secures performance in the long term.

The 6GHz range is a mid-band frequency that sits at a “balancing point” between coverage and capacity, offering the perfect environment for 5G connectivity.

Khalid Murshed, CTIO of Etisalat said: “The metaverse is opening untapped opportunities with hyper-personalised experiences powered by AI.

“Telcos will be the entry point to the metaverse because of connectivity but also because the customer wants access to a digital world.

“The future is powered by AI and analytics, with metaverse playing a role yet to be defined. This kind of technology disruption will create challenges but simultaneously bring massive prospects to this dynamic industry.”

Extending the bandwidth of 5G through the harmonisation of 6Hz spectrum will offer more bandwidth and improve network performance.

Additionally, the contiguous channels offered by the frequency range will reduce the need for network densification and make next-generation connectivity more affordable.

The focus on 6GHz, Murshed says, is in line with e&’s future roadmap as part of its transformation to become a global technology conglomerate.