Globe pushes for built-in broadband, seeks property partners

Globe pushes for built-in broadband, seeks property partners

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Globe Telecom is looking to grow its roster of property development partners as it steps up its push for built-in broadband.

Globe currently counts 11 property developer partners, with 200 developments covering nearly 100,000 units fitted with built in broadband through those collaborations.

At Globe’s RISE to the Next Level event held on July 11, Ernest Cu, CEO of Globe said the company is looking for like-minded partners.

“I think the most important requirement that Globe looks for in partners is that they also care about the end-user. Globe is a very customer-centric company. We are looking for the same in our partners,” said Cu.

The event gathered top executives from Globe’s property partners ASEANA Holdings Inc., Cebu Landmasters Inc., Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC), and the Victor Consunji Development Corp. (VCDC), who all have committed to supporting Globe’s quest for immediate and reliable connectivity in housing developments, from condominiums to villages.

“What we envision is when a customer steps into a property, he is ready to connect just like electricity and water are readily available,” said Su.

“And it’s great we’ve gotten this far in terms of our existing partner developers, because like Globe, they are also customer-centric. We are no longer just talking to a blank wall.”

VCDC provides Globe space for its network infrastructure to ensure connectivity in its developments.

Victor Consunji, founder and CEO of the company added: “10 to 12 years ago, Globe was having connectivity issues with cellphones in our developments.

“At the time, we had a lot of dead spots. We found out it was taking them forever to negotiate for four to six sqm of space to put up cell towers. That’s when everything shifted and I said whatever space you want, go get it, just get towers in.

“It’s a win-win situation for everybody.”

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