Soracom picks Astrocast for global satellite IoT

Soracom picks Astrocast for global satellite IoT


Nanosatellite provider Astrocast and Soracom, a provider of IoT connectivity, have partnered to integrate the Astrocast Satellite IoT (SatIoT) solution into the Soracom platform.

Through this collaboration Soracom will be able to offer integrators and end customers IoT connectivity options that combine satellite and mobile connectivity.

Astrocast’s SatIoT solution will provide Soracom’s 20,000 plus global customers connectivity in areas where mobile coverage does not reach. At the same time organisation has use Astrocast SatIoT by subscribing to the Soracom platform, which offers a choice of cloud services.

“This is only the beginning of our journey with Astrocast. The power of IoT to transform operations is indisputable. What has been achieved to date is compelling; but there is so much more that can be achieved together. With an affordable and accessible IoT platform, Soracom’s addition of Astrocast SatIoT will transform the ease with which integrators and businesses of all sizes can explore the power of SatIoT," said Kenta Yasukawa, CTO of Soracom.

"We want to work together with Astrocast, and our clients, to accelerate innovation by combining our joint depths of insight, and knowledge of IoT; with the expertise of individuals on the ground that are developing and using IoT for the integrators and customers that we work for. This way, we can ensure the most effective deployment of IoT.”

Astrocast’s SatIoT offering will enable Soracom’s customers to derive more value from their IoT investments serving a range of industrial use cases including Smart Agriculture, preventive maintenance and asset tracking.

Soracom selected Astrocast as its satellite IoT provider, because of its global coverage, the cost model, the power efficiency of devices that would connect to the SatIoT network, the ease of operation of the Astrocast SatIoT platform and its integration into the Soracom solution.

“With 83% of organisations claiming to have improved efficiency by introducing IoT technology, it is little wonder that IoT solutions have the potential to generate $4-11 trillion in economic value by 2025,” says Fabien Jordan, CEO and co-founder of Astrocast.

“This is the first time a well-established communication provider like Soracom is expanding its global reach with satellite connectivity. Furthermore, there is a significant pent-up demand across many industries for IoT deployments across the 85% of the globe that currently has zero cellular coverage. The availability of cost effective, low power, bidirectional satellite technology is providing new opportunities for an array of organisations and use cases. The accessibility of the Soracom platform with Satellite IoT will give many integrators and organisations a chance to explore and develop a new dimension to their IoT platform.”

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