Viasat's reaches 50,000 sites in Brazil amid ESA research and Armed Forces Covenant

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Viasat has reached 50,000 sites in Brazil a milestone that is helping to close the digital divide through the provision of high-speed satellite internet across the country.

This combined with the introduction of its Brazil brand has seen the company become the first internet service provider (ISP) to offer residential connectivity in 100% of the country.

"Surpassing 50,000 sites since becoming Brazil's first and only nationwide residential internet service provider 18 months ago is a testament of our growth in the Brazilian market," said Leandro Gaunszer, managing director of Viasat Brazil.

"To further drive our commitment across Brazil, we are also introducing a localised Viasat brand that includes more vibrant colours which reflects the essence of Brazilian culture. These achievements combined with our collaboration with Telebras and the Wi-Fi Brasil program demonstrate our investment across Brazil to help reduce the country's digital gap and create economic opportunities by providing many Brazilians with the ability to use the internet, many for the first time."

At the same time, Viasat UK has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to conduct a multi-layered Satellite Communication (SATCOM) study. This research program is expected to be completed in Q2 of 2023.

The report will focus on evaluating the use cases, market segments and technical aspects of Geostationary Equatorial Orbit (GEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), Low Earth Orbit (LEO), High Altitude Platform Systems (HAPS) and others, as well as include various frequency bands, satellite operators and network designs.

"We are excited to collaborate with ESA on this research project to further the collective understanding of multi-layered networks and how they can increase capability, resilience, and performance for end-users across commercial and government," said John Reeves, managing director of Viasat UK.

"As a SATCOM provider serving multiple markets, we see tremendous potential in using multi-layered space networks for different sectors and mission use cases. Our work with ESA will consider all different types of orbital satellites, networks and frequency bands and ultimately provide recommendations to guide the formation, technical needs and use of these future multi-layered networks."

Most recently, Viasat UK confirmed the signing of the UK Armed Forces Covenant, which is a commitment made by organisations to provide support for members of the armed forces community through employment, education, financial assistance or access to critical services.

"We are very proud to sign the Armed Forces Covenant which is in keeping with the core culture of our company," said Rick Baldridge, vice chairman of Viasat.

"With hundreds of veterans and military family members working in our offices around the world, the armed forces community is an indispensable part of our workforce. We are looking forward to supporting UK service members and their families with new employment opportunities and other support programs."