Zayo to offer triple cable service across Pacific to Japan

Zayo Pacific links.jpg

Zayo says it has introduced a new, fast route from Japan to the west coast of the US, with further links to Chicago, Dallas and New York.

The US-based company, half-owned by DigitalBridge, says customers have incremental capacity options, up to 100Gbps, on the route.

The company uses three cables across the Pacific (see map), from Hillsboro, Seattle and Los Angeles, to give diversity.

“When we think about what our customers need on the global stage, it’s speed,” said director of product management Stacie Loidolt in a LinkedIn post announcing the service. “Now you can get to APAC faster on our new, direct low-latency route from Chicago to Japan, with capacity options of up to 100G.”

She said: “This is not your average US to Japan connection. This route has a latency-optimised design end to end, is pre-provisioned, and is pre-tested. … All you have to do is cross connect to us and enjoy your service.”

Zayo said the service can then connect to London and Toronto “and many more markets on Zayo’s extensive global network”.

The company said its metro fibre extends into offices, data centres and cloud service providers, end-to-end.

Wavelengths and Ethernet services are available to Tokyo.

Zayo said it also offers dedicated internet access, private networks, dark fibre and “many other services to design a strategic network”.

The three connections across the Pacific are the PC-1 submarine cable system, TGN-P, built by the former Tyco Global Network, and the Unity cable system.

PC-1, now owned by NTT, went into service in 2001, TGN-P went into service in 2002, and Unity dates from 2010.