LINX launches PoP at Iron Mountain's LON-1 data centre

LINX launches PoP at Iron Mountain's LON-1 data centre

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The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has added a new point of presence (PoP) at the Iron Mountain Data Centers LON-1 facility in Slough, UK.

The 4.5-acre data centre is located in the Slough data centre corridor and boasts dual fibre access to over 200 networks and cloud and IT service providers.

“London is thriving and we are pleased to be bringing Iron Mountain Data Centers onboard here in the UK as an official data centre partner,” said Jennifer Holmes, chief commercial officer for LINX.

Through the new PoP, networks hosted within the LON-1 facility will be able to connect directly into LINX’s LON1 and LON2 interconnection platforms, which in turn offers access to the 850+ networks present and peering at LINX in London. The addition of a new PoP for LINX takes their total count to 17 facilities in London.

The Iron Mountain Data Centers facility in Slough is well equipped for all networks and has a specifically high security clearance system and a best-in-class compliance program including PCI DSS for banking and HIPAA for the healthcare sector.

‘’By adding the LINX PoP in our LON-1 facility, we are able to support our customers with even more interconnection options then we have today," said Frank Scalzo, director & general manager of network strategy & services at Iron Mountain Data Centres.

"The partnership with LINX shows strong momentum and we are very pleased to be working together on further enhancing our ecosystem which includes 20 data centers in 3 continents, creating more interconnection and peering options that will strengthen our services portfolio.’’

The collaboration, builds on the companies US connection, as LINX’s US interconnection hub LINX NoVA is located in the Iron Mountain VA-1 data centre in Northern Virginia.

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