Digital Realty launches ServiceFabric Connect interconnectivity solution

Digital Realty launches ServiceFabric Connect interconnectivity solution

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Digital Realty has unveiled its interconnectivity solution and orchestration platform, ServiceFabric Connect.

The ServiceFabric Connect solution is designed to support the industry shift to a hybrid, data-centric architecture and aims to help customers unlock trapped value from their data.

"Today, we're demonstrating significant progress against our industry manifesto and reiterating the need to remove legacy barriers in the interconnection industry and address Data Gravity. We look forward to engaging with industry participants, especially our strategic connectivity and cloud partners, as we shape our roadmap for a next-generation interconnection fabric that will unlock new opportunities and value for all industries," said Chris Sharp, CTO, Digital Realty.

"ServiceFabric will incorporate the products of service providers in an open and neutral manner to enable holistic hybrid IT solutions for our enterprise customers. We will be an industry steward championing this shift and, together, we can tackle Data Gravity head-on and build a new era of open, secure and dynamic connected data communities globally."

Developed in-house, ServiceFabric Connect combines network and cloud connectivity from various sources, including those from Digital Realty and its partners, to create end-to-end services that customers require to meet their hybrid IT needs.

"We are excited to support the evolution of Digital Realty's interconnection services with the announcement of ServiceFabricConnect," said Vincent English, CEO of Megaport.

"Being the first integrated ecosystem partner of ServiceFabric Connect, we are fully committed to continue innovating with Digital Realty to provide customers with a frictionless on-demand interconnection experience."

In addition, ServiceFabric Connect meets customers' physical and virtual infrastructure needs in a single platform, enabling them to capture data value by interconnecting their different pools of data. With a counterpart connection, companies can use one port to connect to globally and at any time through the platform.

"Last July, we announced Zayo's role in helping power Digital Realty's next-generation product, PlatformDIGITAL. and today we are taking yet another big step together with the introduction of ServiceFabric™ Connect, bringing global, secure interconnection to market," said Steve Smith, CEO at Zayo.

The solution is immediately available to customers in 61 sites and 32 metro markets across North America, Europe, and Asia. It also underpins many of the capabilities of Digital Realty's global data centre platform, PlatformDIGITAL.

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