Public tender launches for Macao’s 5G network

Public tender launches for Macao’s 5G network

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A public tender to operate Macao’s 5G mobile network has been launched.

The city has lagged with regard to the implementation of a nationwide 5G network and is the only city in the Greater Bay Area without the technology.

However, strides have now been made as it was announced that four licenses will be given out with each license lasting eight years.

Proposals from companies applying for a license will need to present a five-year plan by August 12.

Applications will need to prove that the company can offer “good quality coverage across the entire city through the construction of the system, on its own initiative and together with other parties”.

Local telco CTM said in May that its 5G network has been fully operational since June 2022.

The operator has been vying for a 5G license from the government and had hoped to start commercial operations for its 5G network this year.

CTM had previously stated that it would “ensure full indoor and outdoor coverage” of Macao once the operating license is obtained.

It added that the licensing of 5G had been considerably delayed because of “known works and studied to modernise the applicable legal and regulatory framework”.

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