And they're off: Quantum Loophole breaks ground on mega campus

And they're off: Quantum Loophole breaks ground on mega campus

Quantum Loophole groundbreaking

Quantum Loophole has broken ground for the critical infrastructure that will support its mega campus in Frederick County, meaning the two-year build for power, water, fibre and shared facilities is now underway.

Quantum Loophole raised US$13 million in seed funding in early 2021 and former Terremark and CyrusOne executive Josh Snowhorn toldCapacity he was planning “highly sustainable, environmentally-sound data centre developments at scale”.

Quantum Frederick, in Frederick County, Maryland, provides the digital infrastructure industry with land, power, water and fibre network infrastructure that Quantum Loophole said could meet its needs for up to two decades.

The more than 2,100-acre, master-planned site sits just 20 milliseconds from Ashburn, Virginia, AKA Data Center Alley. However, capacity there is in high demand. Over at Quantum Frederick, connectivity will be enabled by the QLoop network, described as "one of the most robust conduit systems to ever be constructed", able to hold more than 200,000 strands of fibre.

Snowhorn said: “We really are building something special here, for the industry and for the community.

“It’s exciting to see the team’s vision for sustainable and predictable data centre deployments at unheard of scale becoming reality. None of this would be possible without the interest and support of the State of Maryland and of Frederick County,” he added.

The infrastructure buildout includes two network centres to speed interconnection needs. The centres will feature automated robotic cross connects powered by Telescent. As a result, cross connects for Quantum Frederick operators will be delivered in minutes without human intervention, reducing the need for expensive truck rolls, all executed simultaneously.

The initial scope of development includes power distribution and underground power ducts, water and sewer pump stations and piping, underground fiber distribution ducts, roads and entryways, and a variety of environmental projects to maintain and distribute mature growth throughout the property.

The state is offering incentives for those who take up residence at the site. The first tenant, Aligned Data Centers, was confirmed during ITW in May. Incidentally, the venue for ITW 2022 overlooked the Potomac River, which is used to cool Quantum Loophole's site.

Aligned will acquire land, power and water at the Frederick County campus.

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