Mox Networks completes 400G network upgrade

Mox Networks completes 400G network upgrade

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Mox Networks (Mox), a fibre-optic network provider, confirms the deployment of 400G-enabled long-haul routes on its network across the US and Japan.

Mox’s 400G network upgrade is designed to provide diverse and unique routes for multi-cloud and multi-market connectivity. Deploying 400G capability provides the speed and capacity required to meet the growing demands of bandwidth-intensive operators.

“Evolving our network is critically important to Mox because we recognise the importance of implementing the newest network technologies and upgrades to effectively transport the unprecedented network demand driven by video streaming, cloud computing, and gaming, to name a few,” said Allen Meeks, COO of Mox Networks.

“Mox’s Seattle to Chicago path is over 4,300 kilometres across the US with no regeneration, offering point-to-point delivery on a single set of cards. This is an exclusive route that has been rigorously tested and upgraded with the newest flex grid technology.”

Meeks, formerly Vice President, Corporate and Business Development, was named Mox COO in January of this year succeeding Justin Melnikoff, who will remain an advisor and join the Mox board of directors.

These 400G upgrades come following Mox's expansion of its nationwide network capacity and route options across new points of presence (PoPs).

For example, the company's 200-mile Seattle extension up from the newly completed Portland to Hillsboro fibre route is near completion. Theses combined fibre routes will allow customers to bypass heavy traffic congestion points in the North West of the US, while connecting to data centres and PoPs across North America and Japan.

In addition, Mox also owns and operates a number of systems in Japan, which allows it to provide lit transport options across Japan and back to the US.

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