Goodbye New Zealand as Rene Sugo drops TNZI brand

Goodbye New Zealand as Rene Sugo drops TNZI brand

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The name “Telecom New Zealand” has finally disappeared from the industry’s landscape, with the decision to scrap the name TNZI, formerly the group’s global wholesale unit.

The former parent, Telecom New Zealand, became Spark in 2014, but the name New Zealand lived on in its international operation, TNZI, which became part of the MNF group, formerly MyNetFone, in 2016.

But MNF rebranded to Symbio and now the company has decided to abolish TNZI and call everything Symbio. The name Telecom New Zealand was adopted in 1987 when the Post Office was split into telecoms and postal services.

Symbio CEO Rene Sugo (pictured) said: “TNZI has a long and significant history in New Zealand, with its origins tracing back to the pioneering telegraph lines that connected the country with the rest of the world.”

TNZI offered voice coverage across more than 90 international destinations, but the company has decided to consolidate its identity as Symbio as part of a plan to expand across the Asia Pacific region and more widely.

Sugo added, speaking to local media: “The consolidation of TNZI into Symbio is another proof point of our vision to support our customers with delivering the highest-quality cloud communication services.”

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