e& unveils SmartHub Kalba data centre

e& unveils SmartHub Kalba data centre

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The carrier and wholesale services (C&WS) division of e& (formerly Etisalat Group) confirms the availability of its new Smarthub data centre.

The new facility, located in the city of Kalba, UAE, will provide disaster recovery to existing SmartHub facilities in Fujairah and Dubai.

The Tier 3 data centre will be home to by Africa-1 and 2Africa subsea cables systems both due to go live in 2023.

Enabling both cables as part of the SmartHub ecosystem to have easy access to the Middle East, North Africa region as well as giving global customers direct access to enhanced connectivity through the new hub.

“We are committed to making SmartHub a location of choice for carriers, cloud service providers, Internet exchanges and companies looking for a trusted carrier-grade data centre. As one of the biggest neutral carrier hotels, our SmartHub data centres will be an ICT bridge between continents, supporting critical business activities for global customers," said Ali Amiri, group chief carrier & wholesale officer, e&.

"SmartHub Kalba will enable us to increase our capabilities and global capacity further so that we can continue to meet our international clients’ evolving needs for infrastructure across Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and the Americas.”

The new site will deliver the capacity and reliability for services such as telecommuting, HD TV broadcasting, internet services, video conferencing, advanced multimedia and mobile video applications as well as underpin future mobile and fixed broadband access.

In addition, the project will help support various country's 2030 vision and meet many of the SDG-related challenges related to internet connectivity.

The SmartHub ecosystem serves almost two billion population aiming to reach another one billion with the addition of the new subsea cable systems and data centre in Kalba.

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