€230m Spanish data centre to be 100% solar powered

€230m Spanish data centre to be 100% solar powered

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Spanish company BWB is to build a 100% solar-powered data centre in the north-eastern city of Zaragoza.

The €230 million project will be powered 100% by photovoltaic energy generated by solar cells, and it will also be eco-sustainable, say the developers, “since it has large-scale batteries to reduce the energy cost in peak hours, aerothermal for cooling and will use construction materials with a neutral carbon footprint”.

Jose María Guilleuma (pictured), director of data centres at real-estate company Colliers, which advised BWB, said: “This transaction is the best example of the excellent synergies that can be created between the logistics market, the data centre market and the energy sector.”

The project includes the development of four solar plants and a data centre. They will have a peak output of 178MW, said BWB, which is working through its subsidiary Progressum Energy Developments. “These plants will also serve to self-supply the new data centre that Progressum itself will develop on a plot located in the Huesca logistics platform.”

That is a 1.1 million square metre project 65km north-east of Zaragoza. The budget includes €130 million for the data centre and €100 million for the rest of the project.

“Energy is a key and differentiating element in the development of data centres,” said Guilleuma. “Progressum contributes its knowhow in photovoltaic projects, integrating the generation of renewable energy as a backbone of its proposal for the data centre market.”

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