Algérie Telecom builds nationwide IP metro network

Algérie Telecom builds nationwide IP metro network

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Algérie Telecom has built a nationwide IP metro commercial network to support demands for increased capacity as well as future needs driven by 5G and fibre services.

The network uses kit from NEC and Juniper Networks – NEC for transport network integration and what it calls a “one-stop network integrator”; Juniper for SDN-ready, cloud-grade networking.

Adel Bentoumi (pictured), CEO of state-owned Algérie Telecom, said: “The successful completion of the IP metro network modernization project by our partners, NEC Corporation and Juniper Networks, will allow us to make the migration to IPv6 and the initiation of digital transformation, as well as the implementation of high speed internet.”

Allahoum Hocine, head of Algérie Telecom’s IP core, added: “The rapid growth of network traffic is a clear indication of the need for modernization and expansion of network capacity.”

He added: “Overall, the innovative solutions from Juniper to enable this automated metro cloud architecture have helped us achieve our strategic goals and thrive as we pave the way for 5G.”

NEC’s Hideyuki Ogata said the project used expertise from its 5G centre of excellence. This “makes us confident that our extended engagement through this partnership will help enable continuous success and advancement of Algérie Telecom’s business”.

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