Ocean Networks to pick cable landing spots in Hawaii

Ocean Networks to pick cable landing spots in Hawaii


Ocean Networks has been selected by the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (RCUH)to conduct research on fibre optic cable routing and site locations for new cable landing stations.

The aim is to connect Hawaii’s major business hubs and the project will focus on investigating subsea connectivity options across the major island of Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.

The study will identify suitable landing stations, the safest submarine cable routing and the required cable specifications to build a new inter-island fibre optic network for the Hawaiian Islands.

“We are very pleased to have selected Ocean Networks. The Ocean Networks team has significant industry experience and specifically working in the Hawaiian Islands,” said University of Hawaii VPIT and CIO Garret Yoshimi.

“The planned inter-island cable system will leverage the generational Federal investment in human and technological infrastructure, to support Hawaii’s broadband initiative and position the Hawaiian Islands for long-term economic growth.

“The resulting network will be carrier-neutral, and sufficiently robust to support all manner of telecommunications carrier and enterprise traffic, including anticipated future high-capacity demands supporting healthcare, education, research, public service, commerce and government uses.”

Ocean Networks says it will leverage its knowledge of Hawaiian cabling and its industry expertise to determine the safest and most effective routing for submarine cabling.

The planned cable system and carrier-neutral network it intends to introduce will support continued growth in a number of different industries.

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