Africa, Asia and Latin America on Starlink waiting list

Africa, Asia and Latin America on Starlink waiting list

Starlink map May 2022.jpg

Africa, much of South America, and all of Asia are still on the waiting list for coverage for SpaceX’s Starlink broadband satellite service.

But a new coverage map (pictured) published by Elon Musk’s company shows that most of the US is covered, though there are some patchy areas that have to wait until 2023.

The map shows that all of Alaska and Canada is covered south of the cities of Juno and Churchill.

Sara Spangelo, the company’s senior director of satellite engineering, said: “SpaceX’s Starlink has tons of availability to serve affordable broadband in Canada, rural US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand! Tell your friends and family so they can enjoy amazing internet!”

Europe is covered south of the cities of Edinburgh and Riga, the map shows. Much of Chile is covered, and areas of southern Brazil.

Most of the major cities in Australia are covered, with Brisbane being just on the edge. Almost all of New Zealand is served, according to the map.

Mousing over Africa shows that coverage there is “starting in 2023”. SpaceX says the same for Kazakhstan, Mongolia and parts of south Asia.

The northern half of Australia is “starting in Q1 2023”, as is Norway, Sweden and Finland.

SpaceX is launching Starlink satellites at an unprecedented rate. This month it has launched three missions in five days, though the average interval between launches this year is 6.9 days. There were 53 satellites on one reusable Falcon 9 rocket yesterday.

Starlink is not intended to be a wholesale operator. It is providing internet services direct to customers who install their own dishes. In the US, Starlink costs US$110 a month plus $599 for the equipment.

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