Cyber threats paved way for new deals in 2021, GlobalConnect says

Cyber threats paved way for new deals in 2021, GlobalConnect says

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GlobalConnect Group says cyber threats and its one-stop shop offering paved the way for new deals in 2021.

As the pandemic increased the need for IT security, enhanced awareness led to greater interest in GlobalConnect’s integrated one-stop-shop connectivity offering with advanced security features.

This resulted in several key deals during 2021, including the public sector agreement for the Danish state and Danish regions, Norwegian retail firm POWER and the Swedish Church.

The company reported revenue growth of 2.5% to €609 million in 2021 after increasing its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) rollout.

Due to the pandemic, the operator said it continued to cater for an increased demand for robust broadband services, connecting around 64,000 new homes in that period.

It also launched its FTTH HomeNet brand in Northern Germany, while also exploring opportunities in the Finnish FTTH market.

Today, the carrier says it connects 650,000 households, making it one of the largest players in the region.

“I’m proud of how we managed to keep our commercial momentum going and improve our performance on all levels, while facing yet another year of Covid-19-related shutdowns across society,” said Martin Lippert, CEO of GlobalConnect Group.

“This, while expanding into two new markets offering FTTH and closing the strategically important acquisition of Telenor Sweden’s communications operator Open Universe and its SDU fibre assets.

“We grew our know-how and diversified our enterprise offering while adding hundreds of thousands of connected homes to our fibre universe, ensuring a solid foundation from which we can continue to connect all parts of society for many years to come.”

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