Cinturion and Lightstorm to land TEAS cable in Lightstorm’s CLS in India

Cinturion and Lightstorm to land TEAS cable in Lightstorm’s CLS in India

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Cinturion Corp has entered into an agreement with Lightstorm as its landing partner in India.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cinturion’s TEAS – Trans Europe Asia System, an `open-access’ subsea and terrestrial network, will be hosted at Lightstorm's its carrier-neutral open cable landing station (CLS) in India.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Lightstorm and deliver a network that will ensure secure, resilient, and redundant communications with our Open-Access Carrier-Neutral Solutions to further establish India as a hub for international connectivity,” said Bill Marra, chief commercial officer of Cinturion.

TEAS will make two new connections across the Arabian and Mediterranean Seas and continuing along two paths interlinking the Middle East, with multiple routes across the Arabian Peninsula and a route through the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea.

Traditionally, Indian cable landing stations are controlled by the landing party service provider who typically had monopoly over access to the fibre, Lightstorm is changing this by launching a chain of open-access cable landing stations across the country.

"The growing data consumption and the digital aspirations of India demand best-in-class digital infrastructure," said Ranjan Banerjee, chief strategy officer at Lightstorm.

"Collaboration with Cinturion will not only contribute to this growth but will also bring diversity to the existing cable systems in the country. We look forward to a longstanding and fulfilling partnership with Cinturion.”

Lightstorm integrates its open CLS with a utility-grade fibre network, SmartNet, which connects seven key economic hubs with over 12,000km of fibre, connecting 45+ multi-tenant data centres with plans to connect 100+ multi-tenant data centers in the near future.

In related news, earlier this week Cinturion inked a memorandum of understanding with Grid Telecom, to be its landing partner in Greece.

“The partnership with Grid Telecom and Cinturion will provide the most advanced, secure and innovative technologies to Southeast Europe through Greece, addressing the rising global demand for high quality international bandwidth,” said Bill Marra, chief commercial officer of Cinturion.

Through the partnership, customers will benefit from open-access interconnection, edge data connectivity and international reach to Southeast Europe.

"We are proud to cooperate with Cinturion in the implementation of the TEAS system, that will bring a new and diverse international route in the region, enhancing the strategic role of the island of Crete as an open access interconnection node in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans,” added George Psyrris, managing director of Grid Telecom.

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