viaPhoton raises $100m for new fibre platform

viaPhoton raises $100m for new fibre platform


Fibre connectivity provider viaPhoton has expanded its capital base to US$100 million after raising US$80 million as part of a funding process led by Trinity Capital.

Trinity will provide growth financing of up to US$50 million for viaPhoton’s technology platform that aims to reduce the time to design fibre architecture for a data centre.

viaPhoton says it can supply custom-engineered products at scale in weeks compared to the industry standard of six months to a year.

This is done by integrating capabilities in software, industrial automation and Robotics Process Automation (RPA).

“Our customers want to deploy massive networks and viaPhoton’s customer-centric culture and technology enable us to provide consistent service at scale,” said Baber Abbas, CEO, and co-founder of viaPhoton.

“We are obsessed with making a difference to every aspect of the customer journey.”

Abbas and co-founder Wasif Khan started the company in 2020 to address the growing need to customise fibre connectivity at the edge.

viaPhoton recorded more than $40 million in annualised revenue by the end of Q4 2024.

“Our rapid revenue growth and equally rapid growth of our capital base demonstrate that we are a true disruptor in fibre connectivity,” said Khan, who also serves as CFO of the company.

“To serve our customers, we bring together our engineering, our software, our modularity, our people and our culture.

“This transaction enables us to take our differentiation to the next level.

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