ZenFi Networks partners CityBridge to expand LinkNYC

ZenFi Networks partners CityBridge to expand LinkNYC

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ZenFi Networks is to expand its mission to bridge the digital divide throughout the New York City metro area.

ZenFi Networks partners with CityBridge, which operates LinkNYC, a free public WiFi network in New York City. For its part, ZenFi Networks is deploying, operating and expanding free public Wi-Fi, using LinkNYC smart public communications structures across New York City to ensure reliable 5G connectivity.

Under the terms of its agreement with the City of New York, CityBridge is to develop publicly available digital facilities in partnership with ZenFi Networks.

“Since entering our original agreement with CityBridge, we have been actively looking to install and provide these services to underserved communities across New York City,” said Walter Cannon, vice president of business development, ZenFi Networks.

“As a New York resident, born and raised in the Bronx, this mission is personal for me, and we’re excited about the future of 5G connectivity in New York City.”

Earlier this year, ZenFi Networks attended opening of the first Gigabit Center in New York City. The facility will provide high-speed Internet powered by the LinkNYC public WiFi.

The Gigabit Center was a collaboration between the city of New York, Intersection, ZenFi Networks, CityBridge, LinkNYC, Silicon Harlem and the C-Better Foundation. The group has plans to launch similar facilities across New York City, including Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

ZenFi Networks also has plans to build out additional infrastructure across New York City in order to support the development of LinkNYC kiosks in areas identified as “fibre deserts.”

The company has fibre construction plans to support the deployment of LinkNYC in these areas, and is also working with wireless broadband service providers to extend their networks to building services.

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